Following on from the last blog and carrying on with the self-love theme, as promised, here are some additional tips and strategies that you can use to develop self-love in your life right now.

Let me know whether you have put in place any of last week’s suggestions and how you are getting on.  Do share what’s working for you.

 1. Set Healthy Personal Boundaries.

 Setting healthy personal boundaries is paramount to developing positivity and self-love. Setting personal boundaries involves being able to say “no” to relationships, work, activities, socials or any situations that stress you, drain you or negatively impact your life and happiness.

 Being able to set personal boundaries demonstrates self-love and compassion because you are rejecting situations, things or people that do not serve you in a positive way. It also demonstrates to the world how you want to be treated.

Sometimes you may just need to take a break from certain people or commitments and taking that break allows you to take the time to decide whether or not you want these situations, things or people in your life.

 2. Treat Yourself How You Would Life To Be Treated By Others.

 You’ve heard the saying ‘treat people how you would like to be treated.  Well, turn that around and treat yourself how you would like to be treated by others.   Lead by example.  Be kind and practice saying nice things to yourself, practice complimenting yourself.  Tell yourself what a fabulous cook, singer, driver, mother, sibling etc you are. 

 We all of us have our own special gifts, which we sometimes forget.  Whatever comes easy to us, is our gift.  What are your gifts?  Acknowledge them and give yourself a pat on the back for them.

 The more you compliment yourself and acknowledge your gifts, the more you will start to believe, and the more your believe, the more positive you will feel and believe in your abilities. 

 This positivity and belief will shine from you and be evident to all who come to meet you.

 3. Have Fun.

 When was the last time you had some real fun?  When you allowed yourself to go and do something just for fun.

 As children having fun is all we care about.  Children can make anything fun, they are so carefree that having fun comes easily to them. 

 As adults we push having fun to the bottom of our priority list.  But having fun should be a the top of our list.  It’s relaxing, releases happy hormones and makes us feel good about ourselves. 

 Allow yourself to have fun, make the time, let your hair down and feel how great it is to have fun.

 Having fun is a great form of self-love because it demonstrates to yourself that you are worth it and deserve to have fun, enjoy yourself and live life to the fullest.

What will you choose to do for fun?

 4. Self-Care – Do Some!

 As I said last week, self-love and self-care go together.  I mean when you love someone, a friend, a child, a partner, you want to take care of them don’t you? 

 So, shouldn’t you take care of you, because you love yourself too. 

 The act of self-care demonstrates to yourself that you are loved, that you are worthy and deserving   It’s a way of saying thank you to yourself for being so amazing because you are taking the time to nourish every part of you.

 It’s the act of showing yourself love, which is key to living you’re your most positive and fulfilling life.

 Next time, I’ll be sharing some tips and strategies on how you can put a self-care routine into practice without overwhelm. 

 Until then, keep well and stay safe.

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Marie xox