I wanted to share with you a quite profound awakening which I experienced this week to hopefully help you realise you are so worthy. 

I’m in the process, and have been for the past few weeks, of putting together a course which, following my own transformation, is very dear to my heart and one I want to share and help others in similar circumstances.

The research for this course

has necessitated me going back years earlier in my life when I was in not such a happy place.  In fact I was in a very unhappy place.  I really have had to dig deep to recall those memories/emotional experiences and to remember how they made me feel.  Not because they are still painful, because, in truth, they no longer affect me, but because I do not recognise the woman in those memories.

And, I will be very honest here, I was absolutely shocked and embarrassed, yes embarrassed, I could feel myself blushing, at recalling the stuff I had to deal with during those unhappy times.  Seriously, as I’ve been researching and recalling, I cannot believe I was the person who actually put up with all that crap!

“Once you realise your worth, you will be

embarrassed at the crap you once settled for.”

This quote sums up how I felt doing this research because now as a woman with high self-worth, it was such a shock to realise and be confronted by the fact that in those unhappy years of my life, my self-worth was non-existent.

So I just wanted to remind you,

as the amazing and beautiful human being that you are, you are worth “it”.  You are so worthy of love, happiness and everything your heart desires.

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Marie xox