Be happy, not because everything is good, but because

you see the good in everything.



A common and very destructive habit is to constantly compare yourself and your life to other people and their lives.

In this Instagram, social media perfect world, it’s incredibly easy to view all these images as real and compare relationships, material things, social media likes, physical looks etc, which only serve to squash your self esteem and create a lot of negative feelings.

Replace this destructive habit with comparing yourself to yourself to witness how much you have grown and what you have achieved progressing towards your goals.

By doing this you are creating appreciation and kindness towards yourself as you see how far you have come, the hurdles you have jumped and the achievements you have made.  It also serves to create gratitude, which of itself creates a more positive and happy outlook towards yourself.

Embrace the differences in people and choose a role model you aspire to be like, rather than comparing in a negative way of ‘why can’t I be like x?’, or ‘I’ll never be able to do that’, ‘why can’t my life be like theirs?’ or ‘I’d love their life’.

Seriously, we have no idea what goes on behind every else’s front door and social media, like any other media, is their to grab your attention in any way it can and I believe it’s responsible for creating a lot of unhappy people who feel unworthy.


Does everything have to be perfect to make you happy?

Setting the bar so high will undoubtedly leave you feeling like you’re not good enough and diminish your self-esteem.  

For some anything less than perfect is seen as a failure, but the reality is, we are human, we are supposed to make mistakes because that’s how we learn and grow.

There is nothing more likely to keep you stuck and unhappy than perfectionism.  

 Aim for good enough rather than perfection because good enough is good enough and it will help you to move closer towards your goals.

Aim for a deadline to finish whatever you are setting out to do, and more importantly stick to the deadline.

If you don’t have or stick to a deadline, you will always be forever ‘fiddling’ to make it ‘perfect’ and by doing so, the project will never get finished.

Again, social media can be very much at fault here in falsely portraying an Instagram perfect life, perfect body, perfect house etc. etc.  Remember it’s not real.

Consider just how perfectionism can hold you back.  If you never get a project finished because you are forever wanting to tweak and make it perfect, you’re denying the rest of the world from experiencing your genius.

Ditch the Negativity

I know we are social animals and thrive on connection, but consider the people in your life who perhaps make you feel a little ‘icky’ if not downright miserable.  If you have people like that in your life, release them.  I call them energy zappers.

We pick up on the feelings, thoughts and vibe of others and if we are engaging with more energy zappers, well that is most definitely going to deplete our own energy and positivity.

Also be aware of the media, newspapers, social media, news, tv etc.  We all know that ‘bad’ news sells and again if we constantly engage with it, it will have a negative affect on us.  

There are many ways to keep informed without constant connection to the media.

Until next time.

With love, 

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