I have no doubt that we will be talking about the last twelve months for the rest of our lives, and perhaps long into history.  Absolutely unprecedented times.

Totally alien to what we were used to, our familiar habits blown to pieces and the uncertainty that goes with it.  As humans we love and want certainty.  Certainty mains us feel safe, but too much can keep us stuck in a rut.  We do need to be more adventurous, which has been more difficult over the past twelve months 

Being stuck may be something that you don’t initially notice.  Here are some signs that you may be stuck in a rut.

  • Everyday feels the same, so much so that you wouldn’t know whether it was a Thursday or a Sunday.
  • You feel like you’re just trying to get through another day.  You’re lacking excitement or inspiration.
  • You feel unmotivated.  You might want to take on new tasks, but just can get going.
  • You feel unfulfilled.  Life feels dull and boring.
  • You want to change, but are scared to, even though you know that changing things will make you happier. 

I think it’s important to identify where you feel stuck in a rut.  It is your homelife, your romantic attachment, your job, your friends, your hobbies, your social life etc?  Because once you know the area of your life where you feel stuck, it will be so much easier to do something about it, rather than thinking it’s your whole life per se, when it probably isn’t but thinking that just seems to magnify the problem and makes it feel too big to deal with.  

Once you have identified how your feeling, you can start to look for ways to get unstuck, and here are a few ideas:

Taking care of yourself.

I have talked about self-care a lot in my newsletters, because it’s critical to our mental wellness.  How well are you taking care of yourself?  Are you;  eating well, getting good sleep, exercising daily, doing something every day that lights you up, spending time with people who care about you and support you?  These are all things which can elevate your energy to stay focused and excited about your life.

Getting outside.

  Now is a great time of year to get outside.  We are well into Spring now, such a wonderful time of year to marvel in the majesty of mother nature doing her magical stuff.  The cheerful spring flowers and blossom, and the newness of the green shoots on the trees.  I always feel that Spring is a time of rebirth and newness.  Taking a walk in nature is scientifically proven to lift our mood.  Focus on what you see before you, it really reduces self-referential rumination, which is something that can increase our risk of depression. Allow yourself to relax, think of new things and enjoy the beauty you see.  It’s also a great way to get some exercise in, which is another mood booster.

Do things differently.

It can be hard to get out of a rut when following the same daily routines.  Humans are creatures of habit, and sometimes feeling stuck can stem from boredom.  So look to add different daily experiences.  

Here are few things to try:  

Smile and say ‘hello’ to everyone you meet, whether you know them or not.  It’s very French, and you may just makes someone’s day by acknowledging them.

  1. Spend some time doing something you really love.  Whether that’s seeing friends, watching some comedy, engaging in your hobby, whatever it is set aside time and focus your energy on having a good time.
  2. Try something new.  Whether that’s cooking a new cuisine, take a different route to work or the shops or to see family or friends, brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand, read a book or watch a film, or tv show that you wouldn’t normally entertain.
  3. Be spontaneous.  Do things that are not pre-planned and say ’yes’ to new experiences!

Feeling stuck in a rut can be frustrating, but with a little effort you can add excitement and wonder back into your life.    If any of the above suggestions feels overwhelming you may be experiencing something more than just being stuck in a rut.  A loss of interest in things you previously enjoyed, or difficulty feeling happy or a sense of hopelessness, are symptoms of depression please talk to your doctor straight away.

If you’d like more information, grab a cuppa and hop on a no-obligation call to find out how I can help and, more importantly, if I’m the right person for you and if you’d like to browse my free downloads and products click here


Marie xox