Get Enough Rest

As part of your self-care and stress management routine, getting enough rest is so important.  Getting enough sleep, and good sleep is one of those stress management techniques you have to implement.

Six to eight hours of sleep per night is what is generally recommended, but know what’s best for you.   I personally do the best with seven to eight.  Sleep is a time for our mind and body to reset, recharge and renew, but if you’re lacking sleep it’s only going to add to your stress levels.

It may be that your stress level or perhaps menopause are interfering with your sleep and causing insomnia, or poor quality of sleep.  If so seek the assistance of a professional either complementary or medical practitioner.  There is no shame in that, seeking help is a and it’s a stress management technique in itself.


One of my mantras is ‘Be your own best friend’  You’d be surprised how much stress you can cause yourself just through negative self-talk.

The way we speak to ourselves is automatic and we do it without thinking.  Become aware of the way you speak to yourself. and make a conscious effort to change.  If you spoke to a loved one or best friend the way you talk to yourself, you would have very troubled relationships. 

Turn the negative talk positive.  If you’re telling yourself things like you’re “not good enough,” “stupid and can’t handle this,” or “are so tired of this” all day it’s exhausting, plus your mind believes it.  Remember, your mind believes everything you tell, it, whether it’s good or bad, true or false.   

Commit to taking a day and write down all the negative thoughts every time they go through your mind.  How often is it happening?  Doing this will make you more conscious of your self-talk and allow you to catch them and come up with positive alternatives.  For example, instead of telling yourself that you can’t handle a situation, think about one of your strengths that can help you work through that particular situation. 


One of the things that really works for me is deep breathing.  In a quiet space (even the bathroom) take five minutes to do some deep breathing.  Start off by breathing in for say 3 or 4 counts hold for a second and then breathe out for the count of 6 or 8.  It’s probably the most common relaxation technique used for stress management., it’s quick, easy and can be done any time and almost anywhere.

Once you have mastered the breathing technique consciously empty your mind of any thoughts.  I do this by imagining that there is just empty white space in my head.  This heightens the relaxation for me.

Yoga is another good relaxation technique even if it’s just doing a few quick stretches/poses.


Have you ever tried essential oils before?  They’re a fabulous self-care tool, and can promote feelings of calm and relaxation. 

One of the easiest ways to access their powerful properties is via a diffuser.. I have one in the bedroom and in my living area.  On the go, I recommend keeping a roller bottle of your favourite essential oil on hand.   I have a roller bottle blend of lavender and vetiver which I roll on my wrists as needed or simply sniff from the bottle.

Give a Hug – Get a Hug

I thought I’d include this simple one. It’s believed that hugging boosts the hormone oxytocin, one of the ‘feel good’ hormones.  So get a hug in with your partner, significant other, or close friend or family member whenever you get the chance. 

I have a dog.  Alf, a miniature wire-haired dachshund is a great cuddler, he just loves to snuggle up.  Stroking a dog or cat is a great relaxant which can lower blood pressure and reduce the level of stress hormone.

Now I know a dog, or any animal, is for life and are a huge commitment.  Why not borrow a dog?  Here is a great way of doing that, which friends of mine swear by;  or help out a friend or neighbour and borrow their dog for the day.  It’s a great way of getting out in the fresh air and taking some exercise, so it’s a win win.

Remember stress is inevitable but it does not have to consume you. Consciously managing how you handle stress will make a massive positive  difference in your life. 

There are plenty of stress management techniques out there to help you work through stressful situations and cope with rough times. Having a strong self-care routine is another ‘must’ for managing stress effectively.  As is laughing more, which you may not feel like doing when stressed.  However,  it’s pretty difficult to be stressed when laughing.  Put on some comedy and have a good old belly laugh.

If you’d like more information, grab a cuppa and hop on a no-obligation call to find out how I can help and, more importantly, if I’m the right person for you and if you’d like to browse my free downloads and products click here


Marie xox