I went to see Marie because over the past twenty years, I’ve lived with bouts of severe anxiety following the breakup of my marriage to a physically and mentally abusive husband. I was constantly living in the past and reliving the whys and what ifs to which I had no answers.  I just could not understand why I was unable to move on with my life.

I found Marie’s subtle and personable approach easy to be around, which gave me confidence to open up.  After the session I felt ‘lighter and free’ something had shifted within me and I suddenly understood the reasons behind the anxiety.  I realise I was doing myself a disservice, but the session with Marie has allowed me now to concentrate on me and my happiness; that I am worthy, and what I think and feel really does matter.  This awareness and personal recording Marie did for me has moved me forward and increased my confidence no end.

Marie has a wonderful sense of humour and I was surprised at the amount of times I laughed!  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marie and would highly recommend her service.  Go with an opened mind – you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.  After twenty years of ‘hanging on’, I’ve finally learned how to ‘let go’.


Marie was recommended to me through a friend as I was stuck in a rut and did not feel I was progressing with my wellbeing.  I found I was compelled to eat even when I wasn’t hungry – which was causing an issue to my self-confidence as I couldn’t see a reason or a way to stop!

So I arranged a session with Marie, not knowing what to expect, I must admit I was a little nervous!  I shouldn’t have been.  Marie was very warm and kind when we met and explained the whole process we would be going through together.

She dispelled some myths I had about hypnosis, and reassured me that I would be in control throughout and only recollect and share the memories that came to me if I wanted to.  This gave me a great deal of reassurance as I wasn’t sure what might ‘pop up’.

The session was really easy to go through (I’m not sure what I was expecting!), and left me with a general feeling of calm afterwards.  I was left with a voice recording to listen to for at least the next 21 days.  I found the best time for this was just before sleeping.

Marie continued to check in with me days after the session to make sure everything was progressing as it should and to make sure I didn’t need any more support, which was always on offer if required.

I can happily report I have found the session and experience a very positive one and would highly recommend Marie to anyone thinking of exploring hypnosis to get to the root cause of any issues they have.  The session itself confirmed some of the reasons I was overeating but I had put aside from my childhood.  It was a relief to recognise this and then be in a position to move on.

I would recommend anyone to get in touch with Marie, she will always be there to discuss everything before organising any session and I have personally found it to have really enhanced my mental and physical wellbeing, thank you Marie!


What a difference, my whole body is so much more relaxed.  I am free of the physical anxiety I have suffered from for years.  My body has finally let go of it.  The recording is my lifeline. Thank you.

I had been suffering from a lack of confidence and low self esteem, which was affecting my business and personal life.  The session and weekly support made rapid transformations in my mindset increasing my confidence and self esteem.  This increased my energy in my business and social life.  Having completed the process, I feel far more confident which is having a knock on affect on my business and personal life.  I am amazed how rapid the process is and would thoroughly recommend Marie.  She is most sympathetic and kind in her dedicated focus to assist you.

Thanks to you I’ve got my mojo back.  I can’t remember the last time I felt so confident and calm.  I’ve been living a half live for so many years, what a complete waste.    You totally got me, your understanding and kindness knows no bounds.  I loved listening to the recording, I was so determine to change that I would sometimes listen to it twice a day.  Even when I woke in the night I would pop you on and within minutes I would be back to sleep and wake with the alarm.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

When I decided to see Marie, I was stuck, couldn’t seem to get on with anything. I had very low motivation. It was affecting my life as I was becoming depressed.

What surprised me about working with Marie was that she seemed to “get it” immediately. For that reason I enjoyed working with her…it was easy and natural.

About three weeks after I saw Marie I was invited to go on a writing retreat, away from all contact with home.
I am delighted to say that during that time I have moved forward in my writing and now have an agent who is keen to publish when I have finished. It is astonishing as I had been writing my book for quite a long time, never dreaming that it would be “any good”, or indeed that I was any good at anything.  That all changed, I attribute my progress to the RTT I had with Marie, in one single session!

I would say to anyone who is struggling with virtually anything in their life, go for it, one session with Marie Fraser can change your life.


I was stressed from work and suffering from a general lack of confidence.  I had real self doubt, was down, anxious and stressed.  I just wanted to be really comfortable in my skin and be happy with good enough, rather than worrying and being anxious.  As a control freak, I was slightly anxious about hypnotherapy, but it was relaxing and calming.  I enjoyed listening to the recording and it has given me phrases to return to.  I found your approach relaxing and I felt I was in a safe environment.  I liked the weekly follow up conversations, an uncomplicated approach, down to earth.

I do feel much calmer, more grounded, less stressed and able to let go and let me.  There is a calmness deep in my belly at my core.  When I do have a wobble, I recover much quicker and have got myself out of that negative self chatter.  It has also really benefitted my personal relationship with my partner – a much deeper trust.

I liked the way you tailored to my specific needs and followed up properly with helpful advice and support. I particularly liked the whole unpretentiousness of it all and your humanness and warmth. I didn’t feel judged, but really supported.

My advice to anyone would be to ring you up and have a chat. I would not be worried about the hypnosis element of it, but see it more like meditation. Together it is life affirming and life changing.


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