Does it work?

In short, yes. It really does. Hypnosis and in particular Rapid Transformational Therapy has worked and continues to work for thousands of people just like you, no matter the issue. It’s simple, effective and proven.

Will I be asleep?

No. You are awake and alert, aware of everything that is happening the entire time.

Will I be under your power/control?

No. You are in charge. You cannot be made to do anything and you cannot be taken into hypnosis against your will. It is your experience, I simply facilitate you.

How will I feel during and after the session?

During your session, you will feel relaxed and comfortable. Hypnosis is a natural state that you experience everyday without realising, so it won’t feel strange or unfamiliar.

Everyone is different and depending on how deeply you work, you might leave the session bouncing out of your skin with excitement or you may feel lighter and much calmer, or a sense of reflection or wonder. You may continue to discover even more about yourself over the week that follows. But whether you feel excited or reflective, you will always leave with a sense of understanding, freedom and empowerment.

What if I cannot be hypnotised?

You can. Everyone can. As long as you wish to enter hypnosis, you will. It’s an easy, enjoyable and thoroughly relaxing process.

Am I assured of confidentiality?

Absolutely. You are assured of a safe and confidential environment in accordance with my professional codes of ethics and conduct. I do not contact other practitioners or doctors without your consent. All inactive files are destroyed after three years. 

What if I cannot attend personally?

Online sessions are available for clients who are unable to come to me, but rest assured these are as effective as face-to-face appointments. The majority of my sessions are conducted online via Zoom, a stable platform that is both easy-to-use and free. I will help you get set up with this before we start.

How can it work in just one session*?

So firstly sometimes it can’t, such as in instances as long-term depression or long term anxiety – those take a little longer.

Hypnosis allows access to your subconscious mind, which will mean you and I will be able to see the reasons behind your reactions, what you do and why you do it. This saves you hours, (and in some cases years) of talk therapy, that you might otherwise spend searching for these answers.

The root causes of our issues are usually based on an age appropriate understandings or other life experiences. When you’re able to observe yourself and these understandings, from a non-judgemental perspective, it’s relatively easy to let them go and move onto rewiring new beliefs and habits that are more beneficial to you and your life in the present.

Sometimes it can take more than one session per issue, but generally this is a very quick process. I love this, because the instant results are so rewarding for you and for me. If you would like to see me again though once your issues are resolved, you are very welcome to, it would be my pleasure to see you.

What if I uncover something I don’t want to share?

You are in complete control during hypnosis and if you don’t wish to share something, you won’t. It’s ok to keep the details to yourself.  I can still help you as long as you can tell me how the unnamed details affect you (in terms of how they make you feel).

Do you work with regression?

Yes. Regression is an invaluable way to discover the source of an issue. You will not be reliving the experience, you will simply watch the events or experiences you have had in your past as an observer, as though you were watching a DVD.   What you see may make you sad or joyful, but either way you will feel completely safe as you observe.

Do I have to listen to the recording?

Yes.  Your bespoke recording that I provide at the session is a major part of the cure.  By committing to listening to it every day for a minimum of 30 days you are enhancing the cure and your recovery. This is your commitment to wellness for yourself.

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